Developmental Goals and Milestones for Children in the Program-


  • 4&5 Year Olds

 Hops, somersaults

Swings and Climbs                                      

May be able to skip            

Copies geometric patterns                       

Draws a person with a body

Prints some letters                         

Dresses and undresses without assistance

Uses a fork and spoon                   

Cares for own toilet needs

Recalls parts of a story                 

Speaks sentences of more than 5 words

Uses future tense                           

Tells longer stories

Says name and address                

Counts ten or more objects

Correctly names four colors         

Better understands the concept of time

Wants to please friends                 

Wants to be like others

More likely to agree to rules         

Likes to sing, dance and act

Shows the start of independence

Learns to read                                 

Can sound out words

Begins to understand the concept of the future

Has better impulse control

Stands on one foot for 10 seconds

Beginning to tie shoes


  • 6-9 Year Olds

Develops personal opinions on things

Increasingly understands right and wrong as opposed to just rules

Can tell time

Reads for pleasure

Can count most denominations of money

Has a sense of humor

Develops a sense of privacy

Imitates other children

Can talk effectively about feelings

Can do chores

Can have a conversation with an adult


  • 9-12 Year Olds

More effective coping skills

Plans strategies/Problem solves

Child understands the nature of rules and their utility

Behavior is socially acceptable

Has imagination

Is aware of others feelings

Recognizes similarities and differences between people and objects

Is rational and logical

Can distinguish between reality and fantasy

Can consider and reflect upon themselves and their attributes