Learning Links

  • Learning Links endeavors to provide a warm, safe atmosphere that offers an educationally enriching environment for your child to develop and grow.  The center will strive to meet the needs of all children.  We will present a program that will be stimulating and fun for all.  Specifically, we will foster the development of the whole child while proving personal, social, motor, intellectual and language development. 


  • Learning Links will work toward developing a positive self-concept in your child by providing opportunities for success and allowing failure by setting realistic goals for children, by giving praise and encouragement and planning opportunities for productive and creative activity through developmentally appropriate activities.


  • Learning Links does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex or creed.  The administrator and staff of Learning Links are committed to serving all children whenever possible. 


Our offices are located in the Milwaukee German Immersion School at 3778 N. 82nd St, Milwaukee.